Great Usonian Purge
Usonian police forces arresting members of a liberal rally in 2004
Usonian police forces arresting members of a liberal rally in 2004
Date 18 November 2004–6 June 2007
Location Federalist States of Usonia
Result Government victory
  • Destruction of political opposition to government
  • Death of anti-Usonian opposition leaders
Flag of Usonia Usonia Anti-government opposition groups
Commanders and leaders
Elijah Morgan
Evelyn Woodridge
Usonian Security Forces
1,539,301 troops
Opposition fighters
Casualties and losses
1,374 killed
4,496 wounded
60,000–75,000 killed
100,000 wounded
5,000 missing
Rebel fighters
56,945 killed
32,170 wounded
3,400–7,100 missing
1,700,000 displaced
40,000 arrested
600 executed
The Great Usonian Purge was a name given to a major government crackdown on all forces opposed to the government and administration of then recently-elected President of UsoniaElijah Morgan. Beginning with early protests against his dissolving of public institutions that spoke poorly of his policies, the protestors turn violent killing nearly a dozen police officers during a rally in the city of Oakland, California.

The government was quick respond to the murders, which ultimately ended in the government moving to eliminate any and all opposition to itself. Targetting opposition demanding political reform such as liberal, conservative, gay rights, radical, pro-immigration, and anti-religion groups, the government waged a two-year war of oppression that saw the death of many political leaders leading the fight against the Morgan administration.

In the end, some 133,319 people had been killed on all sides, and another 600 executed by the government and the opposition. Close to two million people had either fled the country or been displaced by the fighting, and some 136,666 wounded. Another 40,000 for arrested by the government but later released following the crackdown. After the fighting, some 12,000 to 14,000 people had gone missing, and are either suspected to be dead, in hidding, or long since fled to the Union of Everett or Canada.


Rise of the Morgan administration

2004 Oakland protests

Crackdown on dissent and opposition

Aftermath and Legacy

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