Greater German Reich
Großdeutsches Reich
Emblem of Nazi Germany (SWM)
Flag Emblem
Motto: Es Lebe Unser Heiliges Deutschland!
(Long Live Our Sacred Germany!)
Anthem: Das Lied der Deutschen
(The Song of the Germans)
Location of Nazi Germany (SWM)
Germany (maroon) and its alleged puppet states (pink).
Capital Germania
Government Totalitarian single-party state
• Reichsprasident
Xander Robisch
• Legislature
Currency Reichsmark (ℛℳ)
Germany (officially in German: Großdeutsches Reich and in English: Greater German Reich, or colloquially Nazi Germany) is a sovereign nation located in central Europe. Also known as the Fourth Reich, the current version of the state of the Germans was established in 1945 at the end of the Second World War, after Germany and her allies surrendered to the Allied Powers with several conditions. Germany occupies a large territory, including the territories lost to Poland after the First World War and the Baltics. It is the largest German state in history, outranking even the Holy Roman Empire in size.

Germany is a totalitarian Nationalist Socialist one-party state, led by a Reichsprasident (Reich President) with whom final and absolute political and governmental authority rests. The legislature is the unicameral Reichstag, consisting of 50 deputies chosen by the Reichsprasident himself all of whom serve only in an advisory and supporting capacity. Law is created by the Reichstag but always subject to presidential approval. Like the legislature, the judiciary, consisting of various courts, is also subject to the pleasure and whim of the Reichsprasident, however operate autonomously on a day by day basis. All the courts are managed and operated as part of the Reich Ministry of Justice. The country's territory is subdivided into several reichsgaue, all of which must subject to policy from the central government in Germania. Germania is the largest city in Germany by both territorial size and population.