GIR flag
The Greater Indian Republic
Motto Dream, explore, discover
Political data
Governmental form Confederate representative democracy
Founding document Treaty of New Bombay
Constitution Greater Indian Constitution
Ruler Kusanagi Godou, from Campione's realm.
Executive branch Praetor
Legislative branch Senate
Judicial branch Department of Justice
Military GISF
Societal data
Alignment Varied.
Archetype Traders.Explorers.Entertainers
Core galaxy Upsilon Capella
Capital world Oprillon
Capital city Imbulganga
Currency Greater Indian Rupee
Notable for
  • Cultural sophistication
  • Involvement actively in space exploration.
  • Major entertainment provider
  • High technological advancement
  • Major business hub
  • Pan-multiversal superpower
Civilization Strongly diverse yet hegemonized.
Scientific and Technological levels Different from world to world
Size in prime universe 9,311,254 x 109796star systems
Population in prime universe 938,595 gogol
Location Omniverse
General data
Definition Superpower. Southward to Southeastward APAC
Tier Tier 1+
Kardashev Scale Mostly III+
Current status Expanding

Greater Indian Republic, normally still called India, is a sovereign Southward star nation and superpower. At 9,311,254 x 109796star systems, they are the largest in Southward APAC space, 3rd largest in APAC, as well as one of the most populous in pan-universe. Stretching along vast swath of space in the South, rimward-spinward fan out from Upsilon Capella, their capital galaxy, the Republic shares BZs with numerous star polities and civilizations on all sides; notably are Oceania, Australasia, Fasinefu and their various client nations Eastward, vast number of small and mid-sized polities in Northward space, such as Abedran, or Gairan, to Westward notably are HPA, Persia or Omuzüyük. The Southward boundaries stretch along the boundary of APAC with AMERICA, putting the Republic near various regional powers, such as CFR, NEC, Quebec, or various protectorates of NAA. Like every other great powers, the Greater Indian Republic is vastly diverse in cultural and ethical population, ranging from humanoid to spirit-liked beings, or nonhumanoid species and subspecies.

Greater India is a confederate alliance of republics, based on representative technocrat-directorial democracy, historically formed after Greater Indian Unification War on ancient Earth, making it one of the longest indisrupted survival nations. Since then, the Republic had endured numerous treacherous events and golden ages, facing off enemies and making allies, until reaching current state, defined by the current constitution. Five core nations that made up the Republic since ancient: the Tibetan Regime, the Caliphate of Greater Pakistan, the New Indian Federation, the Union of Ceylon and the Bengal Allied States, form the core space of power, extending spinward-rimward from Upsilon Capella to outside. Outside core region, star systems within the Republic are mostly self-sufficiented, self-ruled, with their own administrations, although they're all required to submit to common laws.

At the top of power's pyramid is the Praetor. A President-liked position, the Praetor - sometimes also called Chancelor - is the executive, holding the ultimate power, to answer to most of interracial, multigalactic matters, as well as summon the Senate's sessions. The Praetor is also the military's leader, the GISF, quasi-scientific expedition Republic armed forces; although not all Praetors participate in military. The Praetor could be both hereditary and elective. In general, they're voted through cyber-based elections Republic-wide, making them similar to other directorial rulers, such as the Confederation's Director-General, the EAC's Premier, or the New Korean Chief-of-State. However, like every other ruler's positions, there are always exceptions, and the position Praetor, while rare, is still inherited many times in history.