Greater Korean Military
500px-Flag of JSDF
Flag of the Korean Military
Founded January 20, 2012
Country Greater Korean Republic
Type Armed Forces
Role Protect Korean citizens and assets at home and abroad
Headquarters Gyeryong
Commander-in-Chief Sang Isuel

The Greater Korean Military is the military forces of the Greater Korean Republic. The military is responsible for the defense of the people and assets of the GKR. The military consist of the Army, Navy, and the Air Force. The President of the Greater Korean Republic is the Commander-in-Chief of the combined military forces, with the Minister of Defense as the civilian leader and administrator.


Korean High Command

The Korean High Command (KHC) has the responsibility to ensure the personnel readiness, policy, planning and training of their respective military services for the combatant commanders to utilize. The Korean High Command acts as an military advisor branch to the President of the Greater Korean Republic and the Minister of Defense.

Position Name Service
Chairman Admiral Choi Yoon-hee Greater Korean Navy
Vice-Chairman Lieutentant General Lee Ho-yeon Greater Korean Army
Chief of Army Staff General Kim Chaek Greater Korean Army
Chief of Navy Staff Vice-Admiral Oh Gum-chol Greater Korean Navy

Unified Combatant Commands

Name Commander(s) Headquarters
Greater Korean Pacific Command (PACOM) Garapan, Mariana Islands

Greater Korean Oceanic Command (OCEANICOM)

Fort Seoul, Australia



See article: Greater Korean Army

The Greater Korean Army is the land branch of the Greater Korean Republic. The GKA currently has 560,000 active military, and over 20 million in paramilitary. The Greater Korean Army maintains an vast array of different vehicles, some from foreign countries, but most are built in the GKR.

Air Force

See article: Greater Korean Air Force

The Greater Korean Air Force is the air and space branch of the Greater Korean Republic. The GKAF currently has 220,000 personnel, and maintains its large fleet of fighters, tankers, transports, recon, and bombers. The GKAF operates approximately 600 aircraft.


See article: Greater Korean Navy

The Greater Korean Navy is the maritime branch of the Greater Korean Republic. The GKN currently has 113,800 personnel, and maintains an fleet of 255 ships and submarines, as well as 70 aircraft. The Greater Korean Navy, though small, can pack an mighty punch against the outdated military of China, and the crumbling Russian Pacific Fleet.

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