Greater Korean Undersea Tunnel
Map showing the two alignments of the tunnel. Dark Green = Road tunnel, Light Green = Rail/Maglev tunnel.
Line Trans-Korean Highway
Location Strait of Korea
Status Active
System Korean Infrastructure Administration
Route Interstate 1
Start Busan, Southern Korea
End Fukuoka, Fukuoka
No. of stations 1
Owner Ministry of Transportation
Operator Japan-Korea Tunnel Corporation
Traffic Automotive, Rail
Character Passenger, Freight
Toll 20.00 (ASD)
Vehicles per day 25,000
Length 475km
Line length 200km
No. of tracks 8
No. of lanes 10
Track gauge standard
Electrified 25 kV AC, 60 Hz overhead catenary
Operating speed 400 km/h (maglev)
260 km/h (conventional rail)
120 km/h (automotive)
The Greater Korean Undersea Tunnel (commonly and offically called the GKUT) is an undersea tunnel connecting the Korean Peninsula to the Japanese archipelago via Strait of Korea and is managed by the Korean Infastructure Adminsistration.

President Isuel, who came to power in 2008, was an strong supporter for the construction of the Japan-Korea Tunnel between South Korea and Japan. His predesscor, Lee Myung-bak, opposed the construction of the tunnel, since the people of South Korea remember the harsh Japanes occupation of the peninsula from 1910 - 1945.


The road alignment begins at the end of the Gyeongbu Expressway and travels underneath downtown Busan. A route branches from the main tunnel under the city to start the Busan-Geoje Fixed Link. The main route continues to proceed and passes the Busan Train Station before entering a tunnel 800 meters south of the stations platform. After 62 kilometers, is the first automobile rest station, with an petrol station, restrooms, an small clinic, and an resting area. The route continues and at 100 kilometers is the Tsushima Rest Area, which has an full service hospital, another petrol station, and an police barracks. An small fire unit is stationed here for responses within the tunnel. After 172 kilometers, is the last petrol station and bathrooms, before exiting the tunnel into the Fukuoka Province.