Green Line
XRail at King Marche Station.jpg
Type Rapid transit
System Londinium Subway
Locale Londinium, St. Mary's County, Forriedor
Terminals State Center (City Loop)
Don Paulson
Stations 19
Opened February 25, 1951
Operator(s) Londinium-Frontier Transit
Track gauge Standard Gauge
Electrification third rail
Highest elevation at grade

The Green Line is a rapid transit line, serving Londinium, Forriedor and its immediate suburbs to the northeast. The service uses dedicated tracks and stations for its 19 stations. The line is operated by Londinium-Frontier Transit, the area's main public transit agency, which also operates the XRail line and the Londinium MuniBus services. It connects to INR inter-city rail services at several stations, primarily King Marche station.


The Green Line's southern terminus is, like most other Londinium Subway lines, at the City Loop. Leaving State Center, trains travel along the north side of the loop, diverging from it after Post Tower. Turning to the north, the Green Line crosses underneath the Aerelon River, to its first stop north of the river at Langley Ridge Road. The line turns east to emerge onto an elevated structure to travel through the northern part of the Madoka Woods neighborhood before turning north again to serve Old Moncaster, Forest Haven, and Pasco.

In Pasco, the Green Line's elevated structure travels along the center of Julia Rothschild Boulevard. To the east of Pasco, the Green Line intersects with the Orange Line and INR North Coast lines at Western Parkway, and continues eastward to the suburban town of Islington, before turning north to Richmond High Street, where another INR connection is possible. North of Richmond, the Green Line follows the Don Paulson Expressway to terminate at the East Richmond Transit Center.

List of Stations

The following stations are along the line, from north to south: