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Guhir Alien and guhir robots

Left: Guhir Aliens
Right: Guhir Robots

Guhir Robots are robots invented by inventors of the Guhir aliens, unlike the peace-loving Guhir aliens, Guhir Robots can learn, and they can replicate and improve themselves, but they are very aggressive, Guhir Robots see all carbon-based lifeforms as rivals that should be destroyed, and they also have a tendency to assimilate all machines and robots they find. Being able to learn and evolve, they possess great threats to different civilizations.

Despite being invasive and being able to learn, it is not clear whether Guhir Robots are conscious or not, and it is known that many types of the robots are unconscious automatons that can only act according to certain predetermined programs.

To warn the universe the existence of Guhir Robots and to explore the universe, Guhir aliens launched some von-neumann self-replicating spacecrafts, at least one of those von-neumann self-replicating spacecrafts produced by Guhir aliens has entered the earth of the 8th world, landing on the antarctica of the earth of the 8th world and was found by the long-longs.

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