Guhir Alien and guhir robots

Left: Guhir Aliens
Right: Guhir Robots

Guhir aliens are a group of alien species from the planet Mabbuludd(Giblu: Guhir romanization: Mabbu: Ludd), the only known language of the Guhir aliens is Giblu: Guhir.

Guhir aliens are a group of carnivorous but non-aggressive carbon-based aliens whose inventors have invented a kind of extremely aggressive robots.

Guhir aliens are the first to be destroyed by Guhir Robots, and Guhir aliens has become almost extinct.



Guhir aliens are obliged carnivores, they can only survive by eating meat, they can't choose to be vegetarians, also, many substances that can bring enjoyments to human beings are toxic to them, it is known that alcohol is toxic to them.

It seems that Guhir aliens don't have sweetness receptor, so they can't feel sweetness, and they would consider candy as something tasteless and nutritionless.

Despite being carnivorous, Guhir aliens did have horticulture, and they grew crops to feed their livestocks in order to eat their meat.


It is unknown how long can a Guhir alien live, but it seems that they can live up to at least 100 earth years.


A Guhir alien has two arms, two legs and a tail, there is one hand on each arm and one foot on each leg, also, there are five fingers on each hand of a Guhir alien, and five toes on each foot of a Guhir alien; also, a Guhir alien has one head, and there are two eyes and one mouth on the head, but it seems there are no visible ears.

Guhir aliens are hairless, they don't hairs covering their skins, and they don't have scales, either.

Guhir aliens are taller than human beings, the average height of Guhir aliens can reach about 2~2.5 meters.


It seems that Guhir aliens are hermaphrodites, but they can't perform self-fertilization, A Guhir alien must have sex with another Guhir alien to have an offspring, when they have sex, both of them become fertilized.

Guhir aliens are Oviparous, they lay eggs, the eggs need 100-200 earth days to hatch.



Guhir aliens are not aggressive to other intellectual beings, but they are very cautious to the threat from other intellectual beings, but the robots they invented has become very aggressive to other intellectual beings.


Giblu: Guhir is the only known language of the Guhir aliens.


Being obliged carnivores, all food of Guhir aliens are meat, they don't and can't eat vegetables or corns.


The history of Guhir aliens is unknown, it is only known that they invented some aggressive robots, called Guhir Robots, and virtually all Guhir aliens were wiped out by the Guhir Robots, and Guhir Robots started to explore the universe, attacking all other intellectual and organic beings in order to wipe them out.

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