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Guild Halls

A guild hall is a local headquarters or embassy of a guild. These are usually scattered across most of settled Lorica, with each guild having its own guild halls.

Chapter Guild Hall


A chapter guild hall will tend to have a larger, manor-like building with multiple floors and many rooms including labs and other spellshaping facilities, where most of the work is done; a servant’s quarters with kitchens and storage facilities; a barracks for the spellcasters (usually Holders); and a significant amount of open space, usually tranquil gardens and such to allow the spellshapers to relax and think without distraction; and all of that will be surrounded in a wall, the better to ensure the secrecy of the spellshapers' work. That said, spellshapers for the most part still operate within the further secrecy of their own private labs, which only that particular fellow spellshaper and his/her assistant may enter; and the lab floor (oftentimes the 2nd floor) may not be entered at all by anyone who is not a spellshaper.


Guild halls will have considerably more than just the spellshapers. A typical chapter guild hall may have 5-10 spellshapers (associate and higher), 3-6 assistants, another 5-10 Holders guarding it as well as acting as footmen, and 10-15 misc servants including cooks, maids and clerks. Guild halls also drain significant moieta resources and so will regularly receive leyperson visitors. Many guild halls operate within close proximity of various leys so if they're close enough, the leypeople tending to them will oftentimes live within the safety of the guild hall. So a guild hall may easily be home to 30-40 people.

Branch Guild Hall

Branch guild halls are complexes with about 2-3 times as many buildings (or simply buildings that are that much larger) compared to those of a chapter guild hall. They will correspondingly have that many more people.

Main Guild Hall

Even larger are the main guild halls, which may be 10 times as large as your typical chapter guild hall.

The main guild hall will hold most of that guild's spellcrafters and most of the masters. It will also focus on spellshaping instead of spellcasting coordination, with a great concentration of spellshapers living there.

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