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--Bona al la encycla lorica.

Rules of the Guilds

The guilds have very strict rules, generally to ensure that none of its secrets are spilled. Some of these rules include:

  • Limits on entry/exit of guild hold:
    • Non-members (excepting initiates) may not enter guild holds (except the atrium).
    • Non-spellshaper members may not enter the buildings where spellshapers work.
    • Spellcrafters and spellshapers may not leave the guild hold without valid reason, especially spellcrafters who generally would rarely have any reason for leaving the guild hold.
  • Associates and lower must follow the orders of masters and above (unless the orders are clearly abusive)
  • Strict punishments for infractions of guild rules
  • Strict limitations placed on what spells guild members may use (unless they're spellshapers)
  • Members may not desert the guild, they will be hunted down and brought back into the guild hold, or if that’s impossible they are killed, to prevent guild secrets from becoming leaked.

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