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Guild Organizations

The guilds have various organizations within them:

  • Orders – Lasting inter-guild military organizations. There are two orders, and both are very powerful and even well-known among commoners. Orders tend to be large and have members across most/all guilds, with the largest having thousands of members.
  • Associations - Inter-guild organizations. Often tasked with rooting out secretstealers, suppressing proliferation, and short-term joint military actions. Members often operate out in the countryside and cooperate w/ associates of other guilds. Others stay in the guild holds and root out secretstealers.
  • Fellowships – Within-guild research organizations, each fellowship’s members collaborate on a category of research projects. Fellowships are rather small.
  • Societies – Organizations within a guild that are charged with a particular task. Societies usually have under 100 members. May be sisterhoods/ brotherhoods/ sororities/ fraternities.
  • Circles - Small organizations of masters (no more than a handful of people) within a guild designated with a special responsibility. May have outer circles and inner circles.
  • Councils – Outer councils are group of hallmasters and above that make executive decisions. Inner councils are among ordermasters and higher. A guild usually has one of each.
  • Alliances – Temporary alliances are across nations and guilds.
  • Affiliatesleypersons that support a guild ie. w/ resources, espiels, or construction.

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