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The Guilds of Wessex, (Wessen - Ǵebeorans jaf Wessex) are a group of statutory organisations of the Wessen Government which operate to regulate certain sectors of the economy of Wessex. The guilds are directly answerable the government and are tasked with the ensuring fair trading and implementing government initiatives and policies. Companies and Corporations must be a member of one of the guilds to trade in Wessex however are fully autonomous to an extent. The Guildmaster of each of guild is appointed by the Sela jaf Ieldran.

Some guilds have authority over the management of certain areas due to the fact that the sector they manage is not privatised. This is the case with the Transport Guild of Wessex which directly manages the state provided transport in Wessex, consisting of Wessex Rail and Wessex Bus.

The operation has been related to Guild Socialism in several ways, however the guilds consist of privately owned companies which mixes capitalism with socialist ideas.

Wessex's guild system has been in practice since the early 1840's during Wessex's industrial revolution and golden era, which allowed the government to manage resources between companies and industries.


Guilds in Order of Precedence

Each guild is awarded a rank in order of precedence, the rank is largely related to economic power. There are currently 10 guilds.

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