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Hacker Wars
Kisiwani Agent
Hurian agent finishing the job
Date 17 June 2012 - Present
Location Worldwide
Result On-going
Flag of the Hurian Federation Special Armored Assault Division Flag of Anonymous Anonymous United Kingdom United Kingdom & Commonwealth Imperial Forces
Commanders and leaders
Flag of the Hurian Federation Benjamin Williams Unknown Marcus Tully
Classified Unknown 60 Scotland Yard Officers
Casualties and losses
1 (UK) 120 confirmed
15 captured
2 injured
The Hacker Wars are an on-going effort by the Hurian Federation to destroy the hacker group known as Anonymous, by sending agents to Western nations the group is known to operated in, tracing the hackers to their homes, and kill the members one-by-one. While the effort is tedious and difficult, the hope that it will end the group's invasion of privacy and disruption of businesses is considered worth the effort. The Special Armored Assault Division has been tasked with the job of bringing Anonymous down, and and removing them as a viable threat to online security. Currently, SAAD claims to have killed 120 hackers, while another 15 are in Hurian custody. Most of the hackers were living in Europe and North America, whom the organization believed nations in both were aware of these hackers, and supporting their cause. With Anonymous as the main target, and its members too difficult to catch through typical means, SAAD decided to expand their hunt for any and all hackers that might be related to the organization.

With working in International nations, an attack on a man in London whom claimed to be part of Anonymous, and applied several tactics against government agencies of Texas, the United Kingdom and Huria, was a valid target to the special forces of the coastal African nation, London officers saw an African male walk down a small alley to Walend residency, in which the man was confronted in the alley, he returned fire at the two cops, whom both were skimmed by bullets. After a long shot out, the officers were able to kill the African, but found no evidence on him, sending the case to Scotland Yard.


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