Hamid al-Zammah (b. May 4, 1979) is a Saudi-born Georgeland national who in 2001 attempted to assassinate Prime Minister Campbell Rhodes. al-Zammah, born in Riyadh arrived in Georgeland as a refugee at the age of 11 and settled with his family in Doubledance. Mentally unbalanced as a teenager, he spent time in juvenile detention for violent offences. There is evidence suggesting al-Zammah may suffer a learning disability; he never learned much English, and sources reported in 2003 that al-Zammah was functionally illiterate. Always strongly religious, in 2000 al-Zammah became obsessed with 'punishing the West' for percieved slights against Islam. In 2001, al-Zammah shot Rhodes at close-range with a pistol but only wounded him, the bullet hitting the Prime Minister in the arm. In January 2002, al-Zammah was deemed unfit for trial and confined to St. Walter's Psychiatric Hospital in Doubledance, where he remains.
In August 2005, filmmaker Kevin Hall produced a provocative documentary entitled "Hamid and the PM", in an attempt to 'get inside the mind' of the would-be assassin. Included in his footage was an interview with al-Zammah's father, who claimed his son was acting in the interest of Islam. This remark was interpreted as an endorsement of his actions. After a police investigation, Mr. al-Zammah refuted his remarks and said he'd been taken out of context.
Rhodes himself has never spoken to or shown interest in al-Zammah's fate. In 2005, during the Kevin Hall controversy, Rhodes declined to comment.

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