Haminan kaupunki (Kainuun läänissä)
Founded 1925
secession from Rural Municipality of Suomussalmi
Land area 110.04 km²
as of

Hamina is a town and municipality in Cajania, Finland, Ugrian Union. Officially it is referred to as Hamina Kal where Kal refers to Cajania, to distinguish the municipality from another Hamina in the province of Cymenia.

The adjacent municipalities are Ämmänsaari, Suomussalmi, Näätävaara, Vuokinkylä and Sakaravaara.


The municipal center of Hamina is situated along Nipaskoski rapids connecting lakes Parvajärvi and Vuokkijärvi. Roughly half of the municipal territory lies east of these lakes, likewise another half west of them.


The primary road within the municipality is Provincial Road 73, the route of which goes from Syrjälä in Joukokylä municipality through Ämmänsaari, Hamina, Vuokinkylä etc. to Kuhmo. The road passes the municipal center 5 km to the east.

On the west side of the lakes, Regional Road 924 connects Ämmänsaari to Ollilanniemi in Moisiovaara municipality.

The main railway station (named Kainuunhamina) is located 1.5 km to the east of municipal center. It is the southern terminus of Kiannan Linja commuter line C. It is also served by express and InterCity trains between Kuhmo and Pesiökylä. Some of the trains also continue to Oulu or Pudasjärvi.

Northeastern part of the municipality is served by line C trains stopping at Taipaleenkangas and Takkussärkkä stations. Southeastern part has Löytöpuronsärkkä and Tuhnionsärkkä stations, served by local trains of VR (max. 5 daily)

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