Capital Wincester
Largest city Portesmuth
Official languages Wessen
Demonym Hamper
Government Unitary Non-Metropolitan Shire of Wessex
• Gemoteldra
Games Arbuthnot
Legislature Hamptonshire Gemot
Establishment 1808
• Total
3,769 km2 (1,455 sq mi)
• Census
• Density
468/km2 (1,212.1/sq mi)
Hamptonshire is a non-metropolitan shire of Wessex located in the South Eastern Region, bordering the United Kingdom to the east, Barkshire to the north, Dorsatshire to the west, and Wihtshire to the south across the Solent. Hamptonshire is the most populous non-metropolitan shire of Wessex, with a population of over 1,700,000, the shire also contains two of the largest cities in Wessex, Suthampton and Portesmuth, which form part of the South Hamptonshire Conurbation which is the lagest urban area in Wessex. 

Hamptonshire is a rural county outside of the urban areas, with notable attractions including the Niweald National Park on the southern coast, and part of Sarum Plain which extends in from Wiltonshire. Hamptonshire is crucial economically, being the location of Wessex's second largest port, and main naval base. It also has a large manufacturing hub, with major industries including Shipbuilding and Automobile Manufacturing.