An organization dedicated to ultimately defeating the Duelliki conquerers on Vasia and restoring a new world order to the planet.


The Hand was formed by members of the Concorrl species owing to their hatred of the Duelliki. Three members of the species secretly travelled to the planet, and, unknown to the Duelliki, began stirring up the native Vasians. The idea of resistance was not immediately popular, but it grew and still continues to become more powerful.


A list of the major events that have happened in the history of the Hand.

  • Multiple raids on Duelliki offices, most of them being successful.
  • Assassination of a leading Duelliki political figure who was trying to make the Vasians more cooperative towards the Duelliki.
  • Control of a powerful military base taken from the Duelliki. The base is now the main centre of all the Hand's operations and continues to hold out against Duelliki attack.

Following the loss of the military base, the Duelliki finally decided to take the resistance seriously. Across the planet, the people are rising up against their invaders, but as so many of these resistances are underground, there is little that the Duelliki can do. They can, however, trace these resistances back to the activities of the Hand.

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