The Hanean Empire was a large nation existing from 431PT to 0CT.

Hanean Empire
Testovis Herin
The Hanean Empire at the extant of it's power.
Official Language(s): Indo-Hanean
Demonym: Hanean
Total Democracy
 - Total Population:
 - Rank:

127,583,835 (Max)
1 (Max)



As far back as 1000PT Indo-Hanean was first written. This new written language never existed before in the region. It allowed for better communication between the regional tribes, and soon they were inter-connected.

This new league of tribes grew and engulfed more tribes. On 431, a central government was officially established.


The empire was growing rapidly. This was mostly by engulfing neighboring tribes, but rarely the land was uninhabited. By 300PT, the empire had 2 mega meters of land and 50 million people. By 150, those numbers doubled.

Economical Collapse

As early as 170PT Haneans worried that their empire had grown too big for the economy to support them. Over a century later, this reigned true, as the economy was not growing proportional to the population.

The population was growing faster than the government could keep track of, and soon the government began to collapse under the weight of the people. The government officially dissolved at 0PT, and a new era began for North Medonia.

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