The Hanoi are a reptilian species from their homeworld of Hakkari, resembling Earths lizards. The Hanoi are well known for their peacefulness and their strong religious beliefs regarding the 'forerunners.' The Hanoi are a Centrum Species, but the Hanoi have settled few worlds, and do not play a large part in galactic politics apart from its role in the Centrum Board.


The Hanoi are a humanoid reptilian species, resembling earths lizards, originating from their watery homeworld of Hakkari. The average life span of a Hanoi is approximately 89 Centrum Standard Years. The Hanoi have an appearance similar to humans apart from their aligator like head and scaly skin. The Hanoi posess an amazing ability to easily adapt to similar conditions, surprisingly because of their repitlian like form. Hanoi often appear with unique face markings and colourings.


The Hanoi are a peacful species, known for their strong religious beliefs about the 'Forerunners' believing them to be the creators of all life in the galaxy, and that they created Centrum so that all of the created species could find each other, believing that Centrum is a meeting point. Many Hanoi go on pilgrimages to Centrum and often refer to it as a temple to the forerunners. Outside of religion the Hanoi trade freely, mostly through bartering or sharing out resources throughout the population. The Hanoi are extremely pacifistic as they see that all other galactic species are created by the forerunners and are all equal.


The Hanoi government is known as the Hanoi Collective, which consists of a board of elected officials known as the High Board, who act as the high officials for the species, and govern the Hanoi colonies. The Hanoi are a part of the Centrum Board and retain peaceful relations with all Centrum species, and others.


The Hanoi do not believe in violence against other galactic species, as they believe that they were all created by the Forerunners, and that hurting another species would result in them hurting one of their own. When it comes to defense, the Hanoi have a small volunteer army that is utilitized incase of invasion or for public safety. The Hanoi Fleet consists of only 15 vessels, including a single dreadnought, the Kowunu. In times of desperate military need the Hanoi refer to the Trell for military power.

Hanoi Worlds

  • Hakkari - Homeworld
  • Khajit
  • Sanjoi
  • Yozgat
  • Zorah

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