Hanover is a division of the Georgeland House of Commons located in the south of the city of Zigit. The seat was known as Zigit South from its creation in 1910 until 1987, when it was renamed after it expanded to take on the satellite city of Hanover.
The MP for Hanover has ben Warren Weisgarber since 2007. Cole is the longest-serving member of the House of Commons. The seat has also been represented by Prime Minister Nathan Keegan and long-term MP Stephen Cole, who was MP for forty years.

Members of Parliament

  1. Sir John Harrow 1910-1923 (Conservative)
  2. Michael Groom 1923-1937 (Conservative)
  3. Nathan Keegan 1937-1964 (Labour)
  4. John Freeman 1964-1967 (Labour)
  5. Stephen Cole 1967-2007 (Conservative)
  6. Warren Weisgarber 2007- (Conservative)

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