Hanuho is an island in fairly central Keltia. it lies west of Cersul, on Sulangu, and east of Ghatini, on Enoinn. The island is known for its great riches, and is the most densely populated of any land mass.


Hanuho is largely flat, with many forests destroyed to make way for farmland and settlements. A lot of grasslands were also made into farmland and built upon. There is a large hill region on the south of the island, but nothing large enough to be classed as a mountain.


Hanu has a moderate climate, which is usually between around 5 to 25 degrees Celcius, the southern tip reaching temperatures up to 30 degrees. Snow is rare and there is little rain because of the lack of mountainous regions, which has caused drought problems as the population expanded. However, there are a number of huge reservoirs which have underground sources that people can use for supply when there is little rain. The region recieves virtually no storms, as the wind currents from the south usually move in the channels past the island to Enoinn or Sulangu.

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