Harold Moore (probably born November 1649, died 23 September 1703) was a British explorer and coloniser. He was born in London, England, and his father was carpenter William Moore and his mother was the Elizabeth Moore (previously Elizabeth Smith). He is known for his discovery of Moore Island aboard the Lady Jane, in 1682.

He landed on the West coast of the island in January of 1682, in the country that is now St. Andrew's. He and his crew set up two settlements there and named them Moore Settlement, and Jane Settlement after his boat. Jane Settlement is now the capital of St. Andrew's, now called Janestown or Jane's Town. By March of 1682 they had encoutered natives of the island. Some reports show that some of the native women were raped, and that one of them bore Harold his child, Thomas.

Shortly after returning to Britain, Harold met the French women Diane Blanc (b. 1654), who he married in 1684. In 1685, Diane bore him a child, George, who died shortly after, but in 1686 she bore him another son, Christopher.In 1689 Diane died, aged just 35. Unable to care for his child on his own, Harold soon remarried in 1671, after meeting Olivia Black (b. 1653), daughter of a fellow explorer. Harold died in 1703, and Olivia died in 1709.

Harold's firstborn, Thomas, grew up in England as a lawyer, and Christopher became a coloniser of Moore Island. Harold's daughter Olivia married wealthy businessman Robert East.

Harold Moore
Occupation: Explorer, Coloniser
Born: November 1649
Died: 23 September 1703
Father: William Moore
Mother: Elizabeth Moore (Smith)
Spouse(s): Diane Moore (Blanc), Olivia Moore (Black)
Children: Thomas, Christopher, Elizabeth