Harry Franklin

Early life

Harry Franklin was born in Oxbridge, Grand Brister in 804. His father was an alcholic, and left the family when he was three, because his mother fought back. The Franklins then became poor, and when he was eight, he was sent to live with his Aunt May. When he was fifteen, he slept with his art teacher to get an A+. When he was eighteen, he decided to leave Brister forever. However, his plans were delayed because he had no money. He began selling cocaine to earn more money. When he was 24, he joined an oil tanker crew to sail to Stab City.

Emigrating to Liberty

He arrived in Stab City months after the civil war. He began dating Emily Browning, and began working for Gork Grizzlehood, an orc dealer. Harry made friends in high places, such as Jon McGall, Amir Gazi and Holly Browne. However, Grizzlehood is murdered by the Don of the Harkton family. McGall tells Harry of the Harktons, and he murders Shaun Harkton, son of the Don. The Don then leads an attempted murder on the McGalls. The police then begin an investigation into the killings. Gazi betrays Harry by handing over his girlfriend, Emily, as a hostage. Gazi shoots Harry, and he blacks out. He wakes up in St. Alda's Hospital. Jon helps his to get to the Don's yacht. They sneak out Emily, and blow up the boat, killing all on board. Jon and Emily then head on a holiday to Sin City.