Republic of Twaema Hasu, usually shorted to Hasu, is a constructed country which locates on the island of Tsushima( Hasu people like to call it Twaema).

對馬하수共和國가, 하수날에더 녹얼 短言니, 對馬노이는 架空國家이야.

National Anthem: Honour of Hasu ancestor

날노래: 先祖을 榮光

Capital: Ham Hwan

관거찬: 嚴原

Population: 1,590,500 (By June, 2010)

낭量: 159萬 (2010年6月)

Area: 708.5 km2

面積: 708.5 km2

Language: Official language is Hasu, and English and Wu is in common use.

言語: 官位言語가 하수語이니 英語가 빨라나.

Ethical Groups: 77% Hasu, 11% Chinese (more than 90% of which comes from Wu-spoken Area), 6% Japanese, 4% Korean, and 2% others.

객結構늠: 77%을 하수객, 11%을 中國객(크거허을 90%쳊아을 닝객), 6%을 日本객, 4%을 韓國객, 2%을 他객.

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