Hath Ethelred and Mikwelon
Hað Eðelred ond Mikwelon
Anthem: Gelend jaf se Wyvern
The Realm of Wessex
Capital Hath Ethelred
Official languages Wessen
Government Dependent Territory with Parliamentary Republic
• Hehield
Dafid Aetheld
• Chief Executive
Tomas Ceowulfe
Legislature Legislative Assembly
Dependent Territory of Wessex 1806
• 2013 census
GDP (PPP) estimate
• Total
$161 Million
• Per capita
Currency Yeo (WXY)
Time zone (UTC-3)
• Summer (DST)
Drives on the left
Internet TLD .hm
Hath Etheldred and Mikwelon, (Wessen - Hað Eðelred ond Mikẃelon) also commonly known as Ethelred and Mikwelon is an archipelago and dependent territory of Wessex located in eastern North America off the southern coast of Newfoundland. Alongside the Penda Islands, It is the only remnant of the Wessen colonial empire in North America still under Wessen control. The population as of 2013 is 5,774. The capital of the territory is located in the largest town, Hath Ethelred. 

Ethelred and Mikwelon is a collectivity of two islands, each of which form Tithings. The islands are located at a distance of 3,686 km from Lands End, the nearest point in mainland Wessex


Hath Ethelred refers to a Wessen Pagan hero, Ethelred the Unready. Who fought against Viking invaders during the 10th century. The prefix Hath, means hero in Wessen, and is a common prefix for heros in the Pagan religion. Mikewlon, is derived from the Wessen translation of the name Micheal, and the Wessen word for island.


The islands were first discovered in 1504, by Wessen explorer, Jon Agbert, following the permanent Wessen colonisation of Newfoundland in 1501. The islands were made a posession of the Wessen crown, however did not see any permanent settlement for several years whilst frequented by the Mi'kmaq, and Wessen fisherman. 

In 1506, the first settlement was established on Hath Ethelred, named for the island, the port became a major hub for Wessen fisherman, including the French from the nearby colony of New France. The islands served as a major port across the atlantic for the years to come. 

In 1534, following the Conquest of Wessex by the Kingdom of England, and the invasion of Newfoundland earlier in the year, English ships sailed for the islands and officially placed them under control of the English crown. The islands were later organised as a Dominion of the British Empire. 

In 1776, there was no attempt to incorporate the islands into the newly formed independent country of Newfoundland. However, in 1806, a term of the Peace Treaty signed between the United Kingdom and the modern Wessen state, following the Rebellion, in 1805, was the return of Hath Ethelred and Mikwelon to Wessen control. The islands were returned, and alongside the Channel Islands, made a dependent territory, as part of the Realm of Wessex

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