"Hayle...mark my words, Arcano, this planet is destined for greatness." - The Omnipotent Creator to Arcano.

Hayle (pronounced Hail) is a medium-sized planet in the dimension called Denoom #36. Like all things, its origins lie with the Omnipotent Creator and The Gods.

Races of Hayle

Its native races are thus: Dragon, Lizardman, Ynn'jar, Human, Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, Fairy, Nozhtenn, Halfling, Goblin, Werewolf, Vampire.

Several races have come to this planet through inter-dimensional portals: Orc, Demon, Jai-endar.

Time Measurement

B.R.W. (Before Rahyn War). A.R.W. (After Rahyn War). A.D.I. (After Demonic Invasion).

Haylese years are longer by one month than Earth years. Days and weeks, however, are the same length as Earth's. The four seasons are Newlife (which is 3 months long), Peaceblossom (which is 3 months long), Flametree(which is 5 months long), and Whitefall (which only lasts 2 months). There are no leap years on Hayle.

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