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The Hehield is the Head of State of the Commonwealth of Wessex. The Hehield is appointed by the Jylpminnod from their own party after their election. The Hehield is in office for a five year term, and their main responsibilities include recieving Foriegn Dignitaries, and representing Wessex on the international scale as a figurehead of the Wessen people.  The office has always been a ceremonial one since the establishment of the modern Wessen state in 1806. 

The word Hehield roughly translates into English as 'High Elder,' and the term was believed to be first used in the early 14th century, as the Head of Government of the Kingdom of Wessex until 1532. The first official Hehield was Egbert Knut, appointed in February 1807 after being interim Jylpminnod from Februaru 1806. The current Hehield is Dafid Aetheld, a member of the Social Liberal Party of Wessex, appointed by Jylpminnod Dawna Mathan-Britan in February 2012.


As per the constitution of Wessex, the responsibilites of the Hehield are;

  • To ensure that fair governance is upheld.
  • To ensure the the Four Principles of Wessex are upheld in governance.
  • To ensure Pacifism is upheld.
  • To recieve foreign dignitaries. 
  • To be the figurehead of Wessex in the international community. 
  • To carry out duties as Commander-In-Chief of the Wessen Self Defence Forces. 


The Hehield is chosen and appointed by the Jylpminnod every five years upon their election, the Hehield chosen must be from their own party, and must be over the age of 25. The Jylpminnod may be assisted by members of the Sela jef Ieldran, the upper house of Witanegmot, however the Jylpminnod largely has free reign to choose and appoint the Hehield. 

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