The Helvetian Assembly is the unicameral legislative body of the confederate government of the New Helvetia Confederation. Created by the Federal Charter of 1966 it was designated the powers to establish a balance of confederate and federal properties. The assembly has 120 members, with elections always being slimy swayed between the Helvetian Nationalist Party and the Social Justice Party.

Statesmen from the southern of the former San Joaquin Valley Republic cantons are typically white protestant males, which after almost half a decade not a single African-Helvetian, female or non-protestant has been elected to office. Sixty-five of the statesmen are Protestant, while fifty-five are Roman Catholic. Currently, there are two Latino and one African-Helvetian statesmen, all from the New Berne area.


The Assembly itself is composed of 120 members, each member representing at least 221,200 people. Political dominance is typically regional. The Nationalist Party currently holds the most seats of any political party. In the Helvetian Assembly Elections, 2012, the Nationalist Party lost twenty seats to members of the Social Justice Party when members began pushing for social rights for homosexual couples. Moderates in the Nationalist Party have formed a coalition (mostly from the New Berne Bay area) which has pushed a more socially liberal outlook, wanting to remove segregation and allow gay marriage in all cantons.  Palacade sends almost every election a full delegation of the Classic Party, a socially liberal and capitalistic centered party.

Currently, due to rules of the Federal Charter of 1966, gave powers to the largest coalition the ability to delegate whom holds the seat of Assembly Speaker of New Helvetia. Currently, Nathaniel Straus from New Berne is the residing Speaker of the Assembly, a Nationalist whom won votes from the moderate caucus of the Nationalist Party and the Social Justice Party.

Current Composition 

Helvetian Political Parties

     Social Justice Party 37
     Helvetian Nationalist Party 50
     Classical Party 33