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A Herald is an ambassador and representative of one of the six guilds of Lorica. They are members of the Interguild United Front, and as such, when dealing with various nations and sects around the world, they speak with a unanimous voice. The IUF strives to reach a consensus - with all the inner councils of all six guilds united - before taking action, so that later on no guild element would turn out to be going against the word of the Heralds. In this way, they are able to present a united front for the guilds to all the other factions of Lorica. Hence, when a person hears from a Herald that the guilds want this or that, or that the guilds are going to do this and that, they truly believe that the guilds will do such a thing.

All Heralds are headmaster and higher spellshapers from their respective guild. Most guild members that stand higher on the hierarchy rarely leave the confines of their guild holds, so Heralds are the highest ranked of the spellshapers that interact with the rest of Lorican society. There are of course very few Heralds - only a dozen or so from each guild - and thus less common than Lorican royalty. And because of the power and influence of the powers they represent, great awe and respect are accorded to them. It also means that, should a Herald claim that a guild do this or that, it essentially commits the guild to actually do so.

Dress Code

Heralds also wear fine and elaborate, guild-color-themed clothing - color-coded-for-your-convenience - as a way of distinguishing them apart from one another in their interactions with other guilds. The set usually includes:

  • Blouse (for both men and women); trimmed brightly with gray, and white, with the rest of the fabric in white (color pattern and overall design differs depending on rank);
  • Long skirt (for both men and women); angle-trimmed brightly in white and gray and otherwise bleached white;
  • Sash (always worn top-left to bottom-right, indicating their position in the guild's military arm; this is usually thicker than that of a Holder's sash); trimmed in their guild's colors.

The gray and white blouse and long skirt is the same regardless of the guild, as this is resemblant of the guilds' unity through the IUF.

Heralds wear their elaborate wear at all times when they are in public, and it is the exact same when they approach local rulers in their role as representatives of their guilds.

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