Keltian Herald of Dega

Symbol of the Herald

The Herald of Dega is an esteemed responsiblity endorsed by the School of Faith in Dega which gives the bearer the full favour of the Auroran Gods, in terms of Magic, Faith, Sociality, Economy and Militaristics.


In order for a nation to become the Herald, certain conditions must be fulfilled. They are:

1. The nation must have a fully functioning Government, in the form of a Monarchy, Despotism, or Republic, in full control of its territories and its people, with a minimal amount of debt, if any, to other nations.

2. The nation cannot be in a state of war when it is declared the Herald, but war is permitted by a nation that already controls the status of Herald so long as the war is necessary to preserve the nation's status as Herald, or the Herald nation is not the initial aggressor in that war.

3. The nation must pass a vote of confidence from the board of the School of Faith in Dega which will determine the ability of that nation to serve the necessary responsiblities that are required as Herald.

4. The nation must have an established religious system that follows and worships the Auroran Gods, and only these, and has not sought to worship any other series of gods in the immediate past, and any attempts within that nation to worship these gods, publicly or privately, is quashed immediately and conclusively by that nation. The terms of worship to the Auroran Gods must also be provided as is necessary, including sacrifices, rituals, offerings, prayers and acknowledgements, and must be continued in full throughout the duration of that nation's time as Herald.

If any of these conditions are breached before the nation is made a Herald, that nation is not considered a suitable candidate for the responsibilities of Herald and is not granted the position. In addition, if the terms are breached during a nation's time as Herald, the School of Dega will often remove the status with immediate effect from a host nation.

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