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East Asia Broadcasting Corporation (HAHK)
Higashi Ajia Hōsō Kyōkai / Higashi Asia Hōsō Kyōkai
Type Broadcast radio network
and Broadcast television network
Country East Asian Federation
Availability Internationally
Slogan "Straightforward, earnest"
Area served Shibuya, Tokyo
Owner Public Broadcast
Launch date March 22, 1925 (radio)
1953 (television)
Former names Japanese Radio Station (1925-26)
Japan Broadcasting Corporation (1926-76)
Picture format 1080i (HDTV)
Official Website
HAHK Digital–Ch 1 (Nationwide)
East Asia News Network Varies based on market
HAHK BS-1 Digital-Ch 101
East Asia Newsline Varies based on local provider
HAHK WORLD Varies based on local provider

The East Asia Broadcasting Corporation (HAHK) (Japanese: 東アジア放送協会, Higashi Ajia Hoso Kyokai) is an East Asian commercial radio and television broadcasting network, founded in 1925. In terms of viewers, it is the largest of the fifteen nationally-broadcasted television networks. HAHK owns and operates twelve television stations in major markets across the country, and has affiliation agreements with a further 92 stations in smaller areas throughout the country and in neighboring countries. HAHK is a publicly-traded corporation listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

HAHK operates a general programming network, two news networks, a premium service, and an international version of its general network. HAHK also operates a radio network broadcasting in the Seogyeong, Seoul, Taipei, and Tokyo markets, and offers syndicated programming to other radio stations. All HAHK programming is generally available on the internet inside of the East Asian Federation. News crawls in public places near HAHK stations usually show the latest news to passerby. A display board outside of the Broadcast Center in Shibuya also shows a live news broadcast around-the-clock.


News presentation has long been a key part of HAHK broadcasts. HAHK operates two round-the-clock news networks, East Asia News Network, broadcasted in the local language of the airing market, and East Asia Newsline, broadcasted internationally in English.