The Hilux people are a group of people who inhabit the Hiluxian Empire in south-central Thietia. In the Hilux language, Hilux means "the people".


Around 5500p the first Hilux began to arrive, mostly from north Thietia. They were a very free-spirited peoples who were seen to be sinful (in the Christian sense). The men would have various wives and women would sleep with many others. Also, they were devoid of many children. Around 3500 a large asteroid crashed on the surface, causing many wildfires. The Hilux saw this as a sign from the gods to change their sinful ways. They soon established the city of Mazatle and at its center was a small pit containing the fire from the asteroid, located on top of a small temple. Around 3100 the city was abandoned mysteriously and they migrated southwards to establish the city of Tocto Zuma. Here they constructed the Temple of the Eternal Flame which contained the fire from the asteroid. This temple was extremely tall and its flame could be seen for miles. Around 2800 their capital at Toloc Sumí was established.


The Hilux are a naturally aggressive peoples who are constantly defending their area from raiders. They are led by a warrior-king

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