The Hiluxian religion is the traditional relgion practiced by the Hilux peoples.


The origin of Hiluxian religion has not been exactly pointed, but it has been around since at least 3500p. The religion originally consisted of worship to the sun god Telzeco (represented man) and the Moon goddess Amazatle (represented woman). The early worshiping sites consisted of a pyramid made of stones, which were placed in the middle of the village. As villages grew to towns and cities, larger temples were made and sacrificial stones could be found on top of it. Around the year 3000, temples (such as the Temple of the Eternal Flame in Tocto Zuma were large buildings. It was decreed by the high priest Anzani (ca. 2780p) that only the capital city could have temples devoted to Telzeco and Amazatle, but other cities could have at its center


The Hilux worship a pantheon of gods, and many temples are built in their dedication. Most priests hold religious events weekly, such as mass prayers and sacrifices to the gods.

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