The year is 2059, the Earth has been overpopulated, nearby planets such as Mars and Venus has been settled by mining companies and research stations. For years, humans searched for a planet that can sustain life like the Earth. Three years earlier, Humanotech, a multi-national technology development company, invented an amazing thing in the world of space travel that later will bring humans to other systems and change human history forever. Commoners call it "The Wave Gate", its an enormous machine that will convert solid beings (including human) into electromagnetic waves. A receiver machine will then convert these waves back to its original shape.

In 2073, Iskan Kejadian, an Indonesian astronomer, discovers a planet with similar conditions with the Earth. It was named "ESN-117702", in the Endlev system, Suwaja Nebula - a star cluster not far away from the Local Cluster. A year after the discovery, United Nations council designs a large-scale colonization program to the planet. 13 countries participate in the program, they are Saudi Arabia, China, Denmark, Egypt, France, Greece, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mongolia, New Zealand, Russia, and South Africa. Each country brings a significant amount of people into the program.

August 17th 2077, an awaited day by everyone in the world, launching humans out of the solar system for the first time in human history. 11 massive space transports launched from the Baikonur, Kazakhstan. They would travel for 10 days to the Wave Gate and another 2 weeks to get to their destination. The spaceships were commanded by highly trained and experienced spaceship commanders. There is no obstacle in their journey, except a rain of asteroids that do not cause significant damage to them.

September 10th 2077, the 11 spaceships finally arrived on the planet. They separate ways and landed on planned locations. Once landed, mobile town centers quickly settle the surrounding areas. These areas soon will become Capital Cities.

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