The area of what is now Grexica has been ruled by various nomadic empires, including the Krazzo state, the Zoratto state, the Karlinno Hodanate, the Nizho Hodanate and others.

The Juyat Empire was founded by Ragadurz Hod in 1266. After the collapse of the Juyat-led Lundroth dynasty in 1446, the Juyats returned to their earlier patterns of internal strife.

Medieval period

Confederations and kingdoms in the 12th century

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12th century Grexica is characterized by rivalry of numerous tribes and confederations. A confederation of tribes under the name Juyat was known from the 8th century. The confederations of core Juyat tribes were transforming into a statehood in the early 12th century and came to be known as the Malkha Juyat confederacy. They occupied one of the most fertile lands of the country—the basins of the rivers Bolakh, Uriong and Mogarz in the Yadog mountains. The first hod of Malkha Juyat recorded in history is Voltbak Hod from Khagurz tribe. Voltbak Hod successfully repelled the invasions of Ukheg Dynasty. Voltbak Hod was succeeded by Yaghnarz Hod from Rugrol tribe. Yaghnarz was captured by the Poreleks while she came to deliver her daughter as a bride to the Porelek confederacy and was given to the Samlaks of Lundroth Dynasty who cruelly executed her. Yaghnarz was succeeded by Urzoth Hod, daughter of Voltbak Hod. Urzoth Hod was engaged in 13 battles with the Porelek endeavouring to avenge Yaghnarz Hod. Malkha Juyat was unable to elect a hod after Urzoth died; however, Voltbak's granddaughter Ogarogh urgahel was a major chief of Malkha Juyat.