British rule


Kingdom of Linari

Republic of Linari

In May 2006, rioting broke out in the capital over increased government corruption. King Kwate II dismissed Prime Minister Elias Mowindu and appointed Milton Swambe in his place. On May 30, the Swambe government arrested Abodu's police chief for corruption, causing many of the city's police force to strike or openly rebel against the government. On June 1, the government declared martial law in the capital as fighting broke out between pro-government and anti-government forces. The King fled the capital shortly afterwards. On June 10, a government minister was assassinated by a gang of marauding insurgents. Prime Minister Swambe has called for a United Nations incursion into Linari to stop the violence. A United Nations resolution to accomplish this was defeated by a French veto in July. In August 2006, Georgeland Prime Minister Zoe Parker announced Georgeland would deploy a small number of troops to Abodu to protect Georgeland's embassy, but would serve no peacekeeping function unless part of a multinational force.

In February 2007 a force of army officers led by Colonel Edward Otanga stormed the Parliament building and captured 11 MPs, though Prime Minister Swambe was not present. King Kwate II was killed during an attack on the palace, and Swambe was later executed by Otanga's forces. The same force attempted to storm the Palace but were beaten back by the royal guard. Colonel Otanga has declared the monarchy a 'corrupt institution' and has announced he will seize control of the country. A civil war has broken out, and Georgeland has announced a large-scale military deployment to the country, after it deployed 500 troops to retake its embassy from the rebels, who stormed it to get access to Swambe, who had sought asylum there.

In September 2008, rebel forces under Otanga seized Abodu and established a provisional government, with the existing government and royal family forced to flee the country. Shortly thereafter, Georgeland and several other nations announced the closure of their embassies and the breaking off of diplomatic relations.

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