The history of Vasha encompasses the history of Vasha, the Vashan people, and history ranging from early years of the nation to the modern history of Vasha. Following the last ice age in 12,000 BC, human settlement of the continent remained sparse, as the Polynesians had resigned themselves to remain on the smaller islands around Vasha itself. Little if any evidence pointing to human habitation of Vasha exist, and the first true settlement of the landmass has been confirmed to have begun in 1371.

The first written records appear in Medieval Era following the settling of the continent by the followers of Saint Vasha in 1371. The Vashan followers fled their homelands in France, and established themselves in Minerva in 1371 after St. Mirabelle proclaimed the Grand Theocracy of Vasha. Minerva quickly became a center of art, religion and culture, and grew to remain as such throughout the nation's history. Around 1432, agressive population growth policies had allowed the creation of numerous fiefdoms (known as seigneurie in French) across the empire.

By the 19th century, Vasha was a global power, though its holdings were centered on the continent at all times. The population had surpassed 100 million in 1890, and the age of feudalism had not come to pass. The country still remain bound to the ways of old, as the nation was simply too massive to change on a whim, and the ruling elite refused to let loose their power, sanctioned and rewarded by their empress. The nation remained neutral during both world wars, and kept to itself during the Cold War.

The nation enjoyed economic growth that outpaced the rest of the recovering world, and took advantage of the rebuilding to establish itself as the premier manufacturer of goods in the world. Upon fall of communism, and the wave of liberialism in the world, Vasha remained staunchly devoted to radical Catholism, and a strict conservative lifestyle that exemplifed their way of life. The nation remains highly agressive and uncooperative with international organizations, and still refuses to join the United Nations to these day.

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