Below is the full history of Deleath, according to respective races









Great Tundra. Some people flee to northern Soridden.




Survivors of tundra met. First settlements.




Discovery of fire by magic.




Some people from Norweth arrive on Midden.

Magic is learned and thought. A ruler is chosen to balance; Alexis I.



Some village appeared.

They eventually settled there. First villages on seashore.

City of Kalyas was built.



A child named Valgt is crowned as First King.

Making of ships becoming more advanced. Trading begun.

Alexis XI creates a barrier on Soridden.



Spread of Maroon Kingdom.

First contact with Violetians. Forest War (Perang Hutan).

Knowledge of the ‘end of the world’ emerged.


A few empress and emperor rises.

Maroon Kingdom’s at its peak. Stops at Ostliten.

Forest War finishes. A leader is chosen among the village leaders.

The Whitards were founded by Ruldaph I. New continent; Soreath.

Great War. Ruldaph the Terrible separates eastern Soridden.

First towns and cities were built on southern Norweth.

State War happened.

Ships were built. Trading with Blueans and Whitards.

First contact with Marooners.

Whitards magic continues to grow. The Kingdom prospers.

Knowledge of ancient magic fades. Some survivors of magic flee to other continents.

Lesser kingdoms appeared around the Sauthar Mountains.

State War continued.

Assassination of King Solkongen. His son stole the throne.

Kingdom of Blue emerged. King Vijayaputra I is crowned.

War of Continents against Violet Kingdom.

King Mariel II starting an attempt to recounquer White Kingdom.

The kingdoms were unified by King Alfred I.

State War continued.

Rebellion of Marooners to King Himmel. Himmel War erupted.

Golden Era of Kingdom of Blue. Huge temples are built.

Northern Soridden is conquered.

White Empire expands.

Whitards won due to magical powers. Northern Sorriden is conquered.

Alfred XI the Conqueror takes over the Sauthar Mountains.

State War finishes, Empress Ling conquered lost states.

Thousands of people are slaughtered by Himmel IX.

Wizards (bomoh, pawang) arrived on Blue. They assisted the kings because of their powers.

The White Empire continued to expand. Some wizards attempted to open the edge barrier.

King Alexis II sent a troop to the southern waste. Discovery of the first fire. Ancient magic erupted.

Rebellion, Alfred XVI was thrown away from the throne

Empress Ling died. Establishment of Lingzhen.

Frahimellen, a noble warrior defeats Himmel. The lineage of king ends.

Bomoh is hunted during the rule of Ramayana II.

Quarter of southern Soreath is sucked. Thousands of people missing.

With the use of powerful ancient magic, King Sulfane Hid Violet Kingdom from the world.

First Queen, Adeline I is crowned. Great Castle is rebuilt.

Crossings of Tiantang Mountains, first contact with Marooners.

King Frahimellen sets out troops of war to Ostliten Mountains.

King Ramayana II used magic to himself. He is clarified as god-king.

Queen Hilmathil forbids any wizards to learn magic.

The knowledge of magic resurfaces greatly.

Golden Age, also known as Adelinian Era.

Tiantang War.

Tiantang War or Ostliten War.

The temple-city of Batharakota started first phase of building.

Knowledge of magic fades completely on White Empire.

Ships were built. Travelers began to explore.

Empress Hui and most Yellows flee to the west.

Attack of Lingzhen. Prince Vitmane is sent there.

Some Greenians settles in Midden. They became separated settlements.

Eastern Yellow is conquered.

Prince Vitmane conquered all Yellow.

King Vitmane became the first Lingzhen King.

Cities were built on southern Midden. Unrelated Green Kingdom established.

Empress Hui died in western Noreath, some Yellows settle.

King Frahimellen and King Vitmane fights. Maroon War.

Sickness of Adeline XXIX, sudden death. Adeline XXX takes the throne.

The Yellows arrived on the shores of Green Kingdom.

Lingzhen lost. Became a fallen city. King Frahimellen died with no successor.

Immature leading of Adeline XXX, Dark Era.

The Yellows rise to power in Green Kingdom.

Unstable period, noble people fighting to get the throne.

Green Kingdom is conquered by the Yellows.

Empress Tang became the new Western Yellow Empress.

Era of Prosperity.

Era of Prosperity.

Greenian Rebellion.

Empress Lim gives a portion of land to the Greenians.

Reestablishment of Green Kingdom, Robert I.

Empress Lim got a letter from King Jayapati X.

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