Nalatia celebrates a variety of holidays. This article outlines the major holidays of Nalatia.

Public holidays

On these days, workers for the government and schoolchildren are given a day off, and most business allow their employees a day off as well.

  • Movable:Queen's/King's Day- The birthday of the current Monarch. Celebrated with fireworks, parades and Crown cakes.
  • 1 January: New Year's Day- The first day of the new year. Celebrated with fireworks.
  • 5 February: Midwinter- The middle of winter. Celebrated with family reunions.
  • Movable: Easter Sunday- A celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  • 6 May: Midspring- The middle of spring. Celebrated by giving bouquets to acquaintances.
  • 1st Monday in June: Thanksgiving- A day to give thanks to God.Celebrated with a large feast and prayer services.
  • 20 July: Midsummer- The middle of summer. Celebrated with bonfires.
  • 6 November: Midfall- The middle of fall. A celebration of harvest.
  • 12 December (every 5 years): Election Day- The day to vote for Parliamentary Representatives.
  • 25 December: Christmas- A celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.
  • 31 December: Constitution Day- The national day of Nalatia. Celebrated with parades, waving flags, and a large feast of Nalatian foods.

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