Holy Britannian Empire
Imperial Arms of the Holy Britannian Empire (Revised)
Flag Imperial Coat of arms
Honni soit qui mal y pense
"Shame on he who thinks evil of it"
All Hail Britannia!
Royal anthem
God Save the King!
550px-Britannia (orthographic projection).svg
Capital Pendragon
Largest city Los Angeles
Official languages English, Spanish
Recognised regional languages French
Demonym Britannian
Government Federal theocratic constitutional monarchy
• Monarch
Nunnally von Britannia
Schneizel von Britannia
Legislature Council of State
House of Lords
House of Knights
• Richmond Declaration
July 26, 1812
• Current Constitution
January 2, 1908
• 2014 census
954,000,000 (3th)
GDP (PPP) 2014 estimate
• Total
$15.375 Billion
Currency Holy Britannian Pound (HBP)
Time zone Imperial Britannian Standard Time (UTC-10 to UTC)
• Summer (DST)
 (UTC-9 to UTC+1)
Date format YYYY/MM/DD
Drives on the left
Internet TLD .be .hbe

Holy Britannian Empire (simply called as Britannia) is a supranational countries holds all the territories in the Americas, Britannia conquered the lands from the former French and Spanish Empire, and hold all the trading powers in the continent. Currently, Britannia is the one of the hyperpower in the world along with the European Union and the Asian Federation of Nations.

During the verge of the American Revolutionary War, the King has strucked the deal with the Revolutionary leader, making the colonies in America self-autonomous. However, the situation in Europe is inevitble as the Napoleon I, French statesman who later proclaimed Emperor in France which rapidly spread the influence its power throughout Europe. Later, Napoleon invaded Britain and Ireland and proclaimed a republic and overthrown the monarchy, George III has no choice but to depart from the British Isle and proclaimed a provisional royalist government in the American colonies. However, the chance of getting back to the Isle was too little that both the King and the Government has decided to re-established a new country called as the Holy Britannian Empire.

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