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Honga City
—  City  —
City of Honga
Kruz Insland municipality 043.png
Country Islas Kruz Bandera Kruz Islands
State Starflag Western Barnava
County Honga County
 - Total 293.86 km2 (113.5 sq mi)
Population (2013)
 - Total 2,000,000
 - Est. (2013) 1,950,000
Regional Telephone Code 020
Website w

Honga City is the largest city of the Kruz Islands. It's total population is 2 million inhabitants. The city is located on Barnava Island, in Western Barnava State. 

Honga City is by far the largest, most dynamic ant touristic city in the Kruz Islands. It is home to the Barnava Stadium, Manawonga university, Victoria College, Kruz National Museum, the National Opera and many more. 


Honga is the name of a small Kruzean village located in Moonrise Bay before the arrival of the settlers. In 1853, Governor William Tadpole founded Fort Tadpole, which was supposed to be a new port as an alternative to Williamsport.

In 1854, Fort Tadpole burned totally in a forest fire. Governor Tadpole died during the event.


Honga City is governed by the Mayor of Honga City, who is elected for a non renewable 6 year term. The  actual Mayor is green politician Brahim Mustapha. Honga City is divided into 7 city districts :

- Albion District, the financial center of the city, famous for it's huge skyscrapers

- Mawatan District, the most dynamic and famous area of the city, very touristic and trendy city center, it's the heart of Kruzean fashion

- Willingdon District, old industrial area, in recent years it has become the most affordable and multi cultural place to live in the city centre

- Flydale District, famous for its parks and the international Manawonga University

- Bluefields District, posh residential suburbs

- Westend District, industrial working class area

- Southgate Estates District, upper class residential area


Honga City is protected by the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD). Not less than 4000 police officers secure the city.


Honga city has a great number of communication and public transport services. The Metropolitan Bus Service is the most used and most expanded service but the Honga City Subway is the fastest.


Soccer is the most popular sport in Honga City. The two city teams both play in the kruzean Premier League. The most well-known team is Honga City Rangers, or symply known as Rangers, they play in Barnava stadium, Mawatan district, the largest stadium in the country. Their rivals are Honga City Bluebirds, who play at Albion park Stadium.

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