The 1935 Federal Mandate also known as the Hoosier Federal Mandate was the formal constituting document that formally dissolved the confederation and turning the government of the Wabash Confederation into the central federal power in Duval. Signed on 1935, June 1st, it is regarded as the birth of the 23rd Wabash Government and the presidency and power of Tyler Kingston. It also ended the Wabash Insurgency, in which the Western Coalition of mostly anti-federalists waged a guerrilla warfare campaign against federal forces of the departments of Indiana and Missouri.

Signed in Chicago, it protected the right of federal intervention and superiority of newly created federal courts; known today as the Supreme Court of Wabash. It also began oversight of reforming the national structures into the newly created Departments of Wabash. Newly created taxes were created and new laws regarding eligibility to vote based on race and gender were widely turned in favor of suffrage. Signatories included many militia leaders, former national confederate leaders and that of Tyler Kingston and his Federal Council.