Horace Resha
Horace Resha
Official portrait
5th Vice Chancellor of Interex
Assumed office
11 June 1998
Preceded by Brian Cicero
Personal details
BornFeburary 22, 1966 (age 46)
Interex City, Interex
Spouse(s)Narain Resha
Horace Resha is the Vice Chancellor of Interex, and a close friend of its Chancellor, Ryan Joiner. Assuming the office of Vice Chancellor in 1998 following the resignation of his predessor, Brian Cicero, Resha has been active in politics most of his life, his father Makhaya Resha having been one of the four fathers of Interex. Noted for his calm demenor and logical reasoning, Resha been a crucial element in maintaining Interex's image as a purely scientific country, and handling the political meetings that have keep Interex from being absorbed by its larger neighbors. As with all Interex, he does not morals govern his actions, and has commited a number of crimes in his life to get to where he is today.

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