Ryder coat of arms

"As Fast As The Wind

House Ryder of Ryderhythe are an old house in the Kingdom of Naasca. The Ryders are Lords Paramount of Torwacay, a royal province in the mineral-rich north of the country. The House is among the richest in the country, if not the richest, owning vast iron and copper deposits, as well as deposits of gold and silver, all from the Thousand Fangs. The Ryders also own a few forests, their favorited being Lordsrest Wood, where they hunt game. The House is led by Lord Paramount, Vance Ryder, a man in his fifties who has influnence in the Assembly of Lords. There are many members of House Ryder, most of whom have blonde hair, brown eyes and pale skin. They are noted for being cunning. The coat of arms of House Ryder is a black stallion rearing on a field of gold. Thie family motto is "As Fast As The Wind". 


When Torwacay was still a sovereign kingdom under House Varan, there lived King Bacaran II the Mighty. Bacaran was a king who often sastified his lust with many women. He had an affair with Mia Allard.  

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