House of Commons of the Earldom of Rockall
Lower House
Term limits
4 years
Speaker of the House
Iòhanna Dúine, Green Right
Majority Leader
Báis Dreoith, Green Right
Opposition Leader
Gúise Eauoinnreaichteald, Green Left
Seats 200
House of Commons of the Earldom of Rockall - parties in 2017
Political groups
     Green Right
     Liberal Party
     Green Left
     Labour Party
     Socialist Party
     Reformed Party
     Party for Animal Rights
Meeting place
Teach na Ruicheall, An Bhá nan Éirith Ghréine
Teach na Ruicheall

The House of Commons of the Earldom of Rockall is the 200-member lower house of the Parliament of the Earldom of Rockall. Members are elected to represent constituencies using the first-past-the-post system and serve in terms of 4 years. It convenes in Teach na Ruicheall in the capital An Bhá nan Éirith Ghréine.



The House of Common is one of the legislative houses of the Parliament of Rockall, the other one being the House of Lords. In their power as legislative body of the Earldom of Rockall, they are allowed to propose bills, acts and amendments to create or amend laws.


Elections are held every 4 years. Representatives are chosen by party-list proportional representation in the Rockallic Federal District and by first-past-the-post in constituencies in the other 5 viscountcies.

Each viscounty is assigned a number of seats as representation in the House of Commons, where the number of seats is the percentage of the population of Rockall residing in the viscountcy applied to the total number of seats in the House of Commons. Therefore, based on population estimates, this is the distribution of the seats among the viscountcies:

Current situation

The House of Commons is composed from a government, an opposition and an independent caucus. Following the Rockallic general election, 2017 the House of Commons is made up of the following parties:


The government consists of the following 4 parties:

  • the Green Right party, a centre-right, generally progressive green party with 48 seats;
  • the National Party for Rockall, a nationalistic, progressive, right-wing party with 25 seats;
  • the Social-Liberals, a social-liberal, centre-right, progressive party with 23 seats;
  • the Liberal Party, a liberal, centre-right, mostly progressive party with 23 seats.

The government holds 119 seats in the House of Commons, a majority of 19.


The opposition consists of the following 7 parties:

  • the Green Left party, a left-wing, progressive green party with 32 seats;
  • the Labour Party, a social-democratic, left-wing, progressive party with 11 seats;
  • the Christian-Democrats, a Christian-democratic, centrist, conservative party with 9 seats;
  • the Socialist Party, a socialist, left-wing, conservative party with 5 seats;
  • the Liberal-Democrats, a liberal-democratic, centre-right, mostly progressive party with 5 seats;
  • the Party for Animal Rights, a single-issue party promoting animal rights, holding 2 seats;
  • the Reformed Party, an Orthodox Protestant, testimonial, conservative party with 1 seat.

The opposition holds 65 seats.


There are 16 independents.