House of Ministries
'The Egg'
The Egg, Bath.jpg
The front of the House of Ministries
Type Government Building
Architectural style Modern
Location Walcot Street, Bath, Royal Borough of Bath, Kingdom of Wessex
Address House of Ministries, Walcot Street, Bath, Bath Borough, BA1 5BJ
Owner Government of Wessex
Started 2004
Completed 2005
Height 140 Metres

The House of Ministries, also known as 'the Egg' is a large building located on Walcot Street, Bath beside the River Avon. Built in 2005, the building houses most of the government ministries' and agencies' headquarters within the Egg. The House of Ministries comprises of one large somewhat Egg shaped building, located overlooking the River Avon on the former site of the since relocated Hilton Hotel Bath.


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