Hroki Yor' Vargha was a Juyat warrior, and the leader of the Three Hundred Vixens. She is one of the most legendary heroes of Yat, and played a major role during the time period known as the Cornerstone in the late Auric Era.

Hroki is also considered the first juyat historian, as she developed a runic transcription of Brutish speech, which was based on Vilkish principles.


Pre-cornerstone events

Hroki Yor' Vargha was fleeing from civil war that had broken out on his homeland, the continent of Grexica. She and her two daughters, Herga and Tynda, arrived at Arnin Bay.

Hroki sought no violence; she was a peaceful settler, and wanted to explore of new land. The newfound continent was named Vilkord after the strange inhabitants who called themselves "Vilk".

Many Grexican settlers followed Hroki's example, and came to Vilkord to escape the war. Soon, the juyat population of Otechestvo was high enough that they began to build cities, and thus Kiraash was made. However, due to the huge population boom of juyats, the Vilk felt endangered and decided to raid juyat settlements in order to decrease their population. Almost all of the juyat were slain in a single night; only Hroki and her daughters are known to have escaped. They took the last longboat and sailed back to Grexica. This night later became known as the Backstab.