Augmentation is the act of improving a human being by using cybernetics, nanotrites and nano-technological implants or psychological conditioning and pharmaceutical drugs, this way creating an advanced super-human, generally much superior to an ordinary one. It is used in people who need it for medical needs, or other reasons. It began in the late 2020's, on Earth, and the Globus Corporation is the largest augmentation provider along with LIMB Corporation.

As of 2049, Augmentation is used only for medical reasons, such as paralyzation, loss of limbs, loss of sight, and other medical reasons.

Mechanical Augmentation

Mechanical augmentation involves the use of cybernetics in order to improve or replace certain human body parts. It is the progression from basic limb prosthetics with the distinguishing feature being that the machinery and robotics interface directly with the central nervous system as opposed to the ends of peripheral nerves. It was the first method of augmentation which allowed people to assume superhuman abilities, albeit not without limitations, the most salient downsides being the individuals suffering from extreme physical and mental pain.

Nanotechnological Augmentation

Nano-augmentation is the most advanced form of human augmentation. It uses nanotrites to give people the ability to do things that they couldn't normally do, for example, seeing in the dark, having increased strength, the ability to repair body-parts after injury and activating a defribrilator.

Companies offering Augmentation

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