Humanocentrism is a term used to describe the social ideal that humans are the inherently most superior species in the Milky Way Galaxy, and some even suggest in the universe. It is related to the religous belief of anthroposism. This form of speciesim has grown steadily in popularity among human culture, especially in the Federated Systems. It has been criticised by both humans and other races, who consider it offensive to all non-humans and have drawn parallels between it and the racism that once existed on the planet Earth.


The Emergence of Anthroposism

The United Republics of Federated Systems was established to be a non-denominal state with no offical religion. The Impi used the technology of Memory Replacement Devices in an attempt to re-engineer the human mind to be more enviromentally aware, and to devolp human civilization away from sources of conflict. One of the consequences of this was that all previous human religions were wiped out, and most of the human population became athiest or agnostic. The only memory of these religions existed in the databases of Terra Nova, and in the names of some planets. However, over time, human culture began to embrace other religions that were found throughout the galaxy. For example, the Impi converted a majority of the humans on Nirvanna to Impus Prime Shamanism.

In the year 345 NE, the U.F.S. Hammer of Thor discovered the planet Sabarious in the Morcand Star System.

The Systems starship, U.F.S. The use of mind erases on the human population by the Impi in an attempt to redevolp human civilization away from conflict and

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