Zhonguan Guogini Hunai
National Flag of Hunai
2000px-Coat of arms of FRH.svg
Flag Coat of arms
Capital Shengzhou
Largest Haibei
Official languages Hunese
Ethnic groups Hunese
Demonym Hunese
Government unitary president repubic
Currency Wuan

Hunai(Hunese:東京都 Hyunniu)officially the Federal Republic of Hunai(FRH)(Hunese:浑南新区東京都 Nei-Konggat Zhonguan Guogini Hyunniu), is a large country located in the southern Pacific Ocean. It has an area of 6,031,420 square kilometers and 975 million people. Its capital is Shengzhou.

Hunai is a giant continental landmass alomst the size of Australia. It has the seventh-largest area on the planet. It is divided into 30 admininstrative divisions (22 states, 6 municipalities, 2 Special Administrative Area(SAAs)).


Emipiric Rule

Between the year of 101 B.C. and 1668, the Federal Republic of Hunai

Zhouzen Empire(101 BC - 1002 AD)

Guai Empire(1002-1234)

Bija Empire(1234-1668)

Kingdom of Jinhai(1668-1886)

During the late 1600's, the country was under the rule of Edu. He named the land the Kingdom of Jinhai. He played as a king who collected taxes and has a military who would choose who would join. A hundred years after, they established the Hyun of Jinhai, the house of all government. The people could vote, own their own land and business, and be trialed by jury. They then establised the supreme court. 1886, they renamed the Kingdom of Jinhai to the Republic of Hunai.

Republic of Hunai(1886-1939)

The Republic of Hunai was establised August 12, 1939.



Hunai is a giant continental landmass in the south-central pacific, with an area of 6.03 million square kilometers of land. It is somes considers a continet but is not recongnized by the UN. The country streches from 8°N to 18°S. The country's mountain range, The Kulming Range, extend 2,895 miles from the northeast to the southwest. Mount Kimbalta is the country's tallest mountain. At 23,925 feet, it is the 83rd highest mountain in the world.


Hunai has various climate. Hanui mainly a tropical climate that cover 88% of the country(tropical forest 45%, tropical moonson 27%, and tropical wet and dry 16%). It gets about 15 inches of rain in the summer months. 6% of the country is temperate, and the remainig six percent is highland.

Administrative Divisions

Hunai has 22 states, 6 municipalities, 2 Special Administrative Area                    (SAAs) .


Hunai has a semi-advanced economy that is ranked sixth in the world.





Largest cities

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